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Solution to  automate restaurant online ordering system. Manage your restaurant business with REDRED and rev up sales with our feature-loaded online ordering system. REDRED provides back-end for admin to manage complete restaurant ordering system on the web platform. Admin can manage single/multiple outlets. Each outlet is provided with an order receiving app on both the web and Android platform. Your customers can order through the web as well as the mobile platform (Android & iPhone).


Tired of creating surveys only to find out there is a limit to how many questions you can ask or responses you can collect? With a REDRECCE Survey there are no limits. Create unlimited surveys and send them to as many people as you like . We’ve built a platform that’s simple for a survey novice to use, but powerful enough for a pro. And we’re not stopping there. We’ve built a suite of products specifically designed to help you collect and understand data from your customers, your employees, or your target market.


Zeeko’s is the POS and platform built to help businesses achieve their goals. Improving day-to-day operations and fueling merchant growth, Zeeko’s streamlined ecosystem pairs an intuitive point of sale with powerful management tools, integrating inventory management, employee management, sales reporting, and more into a single platform. Zeeko works with businesses of all sizes, from small merchants to global enterprises, that are looking to implement cutting-edge technology that helps increase revenue, improve efficiency, and enhance experiences for employees and customers.