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Enterprise Solutions

  1. SAP implementation & hands-on training
  2. Big Data & Analytics
  3. Mobile Application Integration
  4. E-Commerce
  5. Cloud services
  6. UI/ UX Design
  7. e-Learning SW Development
  8. Working Capital Management
  9. Logistics management
  10. HR Head-Hunt

Our certified developers in various technical niche skills will help you design and implement an integrated enterprise environment that connects all the legacy and intermediate solutions with a customized SSO based on premise or cloud based solution. This integration will remove the data redundancy and shares all the information across the suite. Streamlines the business processes and data sharing. Having delivered such solutions to the Customers across multiple industries.

Building an enterprise solution needs architects and designers to make a user friendly and customer focused UI that shares data in a graphically rich distributed information center. The architecture of the system needs a robust business engine and data integrity plan. Our expert architects have the capabilities in designing a scalable yet reliable high performance architecture.

We have extensive capabilities in designing an architecture that integrates with the third party tools and legacy systems without any hassles. We have worked on integration with plugins like TAPI, Quick-books, MS Office, Pay-pal, RFID, Bio-metric systems and so forth.

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